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Basic Asia Moss 250gr

Dried Mosses Other
Stock 432 Product type Basic
Content 27 Materiaal 1 Natural
Colour Green    
LandVanHerkomst   China
Article number 130014033
From 27 pieces€ -,--
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Who doesn't love nature? The fine, peaceful atmosphere that natural products create makes a house comfortable and cosy. Moss in combination with a dark room creates a chic effect, while moss in a lighter room gives the feeling of being in the middle of nature. In addition, moss is not only ideal for use in the home, it is also perfect for festive occasions or Christmas decorations. As you can see, we have many different types of moss, in all sorts of colours and sizes. Are you looking for a small quantity, or rather a larger one? At HBX we have mosses in 50 grams up to 600 grams. Enough choice.

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