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Op al onze aanbiedingen en overeenkomsten, en de uitvoering daarvan, zijn de Algemene Voorwaarden voor de Groothandel in Bloemkwekerijproducten van toepassing, zoals opgesteld door de VGB en gedeponeerd bij de K.v.K. te Amsterdam onder nummer 40596609. Deze voorwaarden worden u op eerste verzoek kosteloos toegezonden en zijn tevens in te zien op onze website www.wvdplas.nl
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Natural living!

We put together the most beautiful interior collection for you

HBX has a wide choice in home and lifestyle accessories. Our trend watchers scout far and near for the latest interior trends and the prettiest products. We always choose natural materials such as wood, bamboo, wool and jute. HBX has it all. Our changing themes mean that there is always something new to discover and we will make sure that your range is ready for tomorrow.

A reliable partner

always has a surprise in store

We will always be a trendsetter thanks to our large and diverse network of arrangers, trend watchers and designers. Our team selects the most breathtaking home accessories, almost literally travelling the world to find the most attractive products. Season after season. This has made HBX a reliable partner for decades. Our secret? We do not lose sight of our customers for even a second and are always there for you.

Spring is in the air! And that can be felt in everything this collection has to offer. Summer, flowers, colours, warmth and freshness: that is Floroon. The many colour combinations in the collection bring playfulness and cheerfulness, precisely what this summer stands for.

The cosy intimate days give way to the first rays of summer of the year. The Patio collection is fresh and revolves around nature and earthy tints. You can create a wonderful outdoor setting with the pretty colour combinations in the collection. You can do anything.

When the sun shines down everywhere and nature is in full bloom, you know that it is high time for our Summer Light collection! Everything that makes summer so wonderful comes together in this summer theme. The beach, sea, shells, pastel coloured vases for all your lovely summer flowers and Bohemian beach lights for a sultry summer evening. Cheers to an unforgettable summer!

Artistic autumn flowers, colourful insects, decorative toadstools, a deer rubbing its antlers against bare branches ... The woods give us so much beauty in every season. We celebrate the wonders of the autumn and winter woods in our new ‘Forest’ theme. Get ready for natural hues and unusual vases. We use artistic prints, cosy lanterns and, of course, a lot of twigs and moss from the woods to warm up the cold months. 

Ice, ice baby! You don’t get more wintry than this, with the icy items in our cool ‘Ice Dome’ theme! The white, icy, blue tints of this winter collection immediately create that ‘winter wonderland’ feeling. Be amazed by cheerful snow globes, glass Christmas baubles covered in a thick layer of snow and candlesticks decorated with glitter. 

Round shapes, soft colours, fine prints and natural materials. Our beautiful ‘Elemental Stones’ home decoration exudes tranquility and luxury at the same time. This wonderful collection has pots, vases, decoration and small furniture in elegant shades of beige, old rose, olive and light grey. You will feel calm and relaxed straightaway.

All you want for Christmas. HBX’s Christmas products! Unusual trees, soft lighting, cheerful Christmas balls and festive Christmas wreaths. HBX’s Christmas classics will bring that warm Christmas feeling to your shop in one go.

Dried flowers. We can’t do without them anymore. Whether you like simple and natural, or extravagent and colourful, HBX has all sorts, colours and sizes of dried flowers and dried flower bouquets. Another advantage is that you can enjoy them forever. HBX would be pleased to help you create a shop full of amazing dried flowers!

We just can’t get enough of some items. They are timeless and, to our mind, deserve a place in every interior. They are available in our ‘Fundamentals’ collection all year round. Take the time to enjoy our favourites. They are not going anywhere.


HBX has everything for a trendy interior. Not only do we have the most beautiful dried flowers, but matching vases too. Not only unique candlesticks, but nifty tables to put them on too. Shop the complete picture at HBX!

Are you looking for pretty pearls for a good price? Shop our last items with great discounts in the HBX outlet shop. Don’t wait too long as the outlet has the last remaining stock.

Decoration wholesale

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